Hi all. Apologies for the quiet week last week. Moving into July, things should be a bit more calm and I promise (as always) to be a better blogger.

For today, I wanted to share my guest post on Peanut Blossom. My blogger buddy, Tiffany, asked if I’d contribute a recipe for her food photography endeavors. Follow the link to see the recipe for my family’s BBQ favorite, Asian Brocco-Slaw. The picture alone is making me crave it! Colorful and tasty!

Asian Brocco-Slaw

Peanut Blossom is also great for ideas of things to do with and for the kiddies, more recipes, quilt inspiration, and much, much more! Thanks, again, Tiffany for inviting me to be a guest!

Check it out and enjoy!

- Colleen