Yes. I’m a Harry Potter fan and in the spirit of the final movie’s premiere (no, I’m not attending a midnight show), here’s my list of magical inspiration to convey my excitement:

1. I’m also a design geek so naturally I love these “just for fun” re-designs of the HP book covers

Harry Potter Book Cover Redesigns

2. This shirt has been on my radar for a while and today I pulled the trigger. I actually bought it and will wear it proudly. {$20}

Houses Divided on Flee Fly Flown

3. The lovely Ms. Rowling is keeping the momentum going. Launching soon, the new site of Pottermore.

4. Lightning Never Strike’s Twice …love the design elements here {$17.95}.

Lighting Poster on Flee Fly Flown

5. Whistling a tune from Harry & the Potters:

6. Chances are, this is the case…{bracelet, $18}

Mischief Managed Bracelet on Flee Fly Flown

7. Cuddle up with Harry, or Ron, or Hermione…{$40}

Harry Potter Pillow Friend on Flee Fly Flown

8. Still undecided on what my Patronus might be…{$30}
Keep Calm and Conjure a Patronus on Flee Fly Flown

9. Charming necklace…{$11.95}
The Deathly Hallows Necklace on Flee Fly Flown

10. I’m o.k. with being the oldest non-parent in this place {although something tells me I wouldn’t be}…

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter on Flee Fly Flown

That’s it for now! Mischief managed…

- Colleen