Folly Beach

Happy August (already?!?)! The pieces are coming together for a trip to Folly Beach, South Carolina in September for a long weekend to celebrate a friend’s wedding. We’re making a little vacation of it and spending some extra time there and I couldn’t be more excited!

Folly Beach is about 18 miles from the Charleston Airport and we really only have one day for sightseeing and exploration before the festivities begin, but I’ll take it. If I have anything to say about it, we’ll spend the day in and around Charleston then hit the beach on Saturday.

I’ve only just started researching what we should do in both Charleston and Folly Beach, so if you have recommendations, let me know!  I’d especially love a good tip on flea markets, fabric stores or other creative spots around town and good eats of course. The City Market seems like a good place to start, but I’m curious to hear about more.

In the meantime, here’s what I’ve got on the wish list so far (even though I’m fairly certain we won’t get to all of them):

1. Fort Sumter – How can I not visit after my recent reading of “Gone with the Wind“?

2. City Market for some shopping.

3. Aiken Rhett House

4. Plantation Tour – Not sure we’ll have time for it but Boone Hall or Magnolia Plantation both look amazing.

5. Fresh Seafood – Suggestions? For Folly Beach & Charleston.

6. Delicious Southern Cooking – Suggestions? Same as above.

I can almost taste the sweet tea now…

Let the planning commence!

- Colleen