Anything that combines technology with history, or anything vintage related, is alright in my book.

I’ve seen a lot of buzz about several new smartphone apps that do just that. HistoryPin, for example, intrigues me. I literally just downloaded it to my phone. It basically “pins” old photos, added by users, to a giant map (think Google) and can be pinned by the time and place where they were taken.

Users can add their own stories and history of the photos. The street view feature is also pretty cool. Pin a historical photo of a street to a current street view photo and see what’s changed.

HistoryPin app on Flee Fly Flown

I’ve been helping my Dad and Aunts digitize our old family photos so that our large, scattered family can access them in an online archive. There’s definitely a few that could be added to HistoryPin, like the one below of my grandparents, two of my aunts and my uncle atop the Empire State Building circa 1948ish (?):

William D. McIntyre atop the Empire State Building in New York City on Flee Fly Flown

As the nerd who likes to get to know the history of the places I visit, I look forward to using the app on my upcoming trips. It picks up your location and  shows photos near you while you’re on the go. I wonder what will pop up in smaller towns (if anything!).

Happy history hunting!

- Colleen