Let's Bring Back by Lesley M. M. Blume Ahhhh…back from vacation and feeling (mostly) refreshed. The week off was delightfully low key.

During our 24 hours in and around Traverse City, I did manage to stop into one of my favorite shops, Cali’s Cottons, where I found this little gem of a book. I then perused it throughout the rest of vacation.

Lesley M. M. Blume, journalist, columnist and writer extraordinaire, is a woman after my own heart. Her book, Let’s Bring Back, based on her Huffington Post column, is an encyclopedic field guide to the charming side of bygone eras tipped in gold and gloved in white. From Fred Astaire to typewriters, tea time to three martini lunches, it’s all in there. The book is just swimming with random bits of nostalgia.

As I explored Ms. Blume’s site, I discovered sheIt Happened Here by Lesley M. M. Blume has also published a fantastic looking book about New York City’s St. Regis Hotel and the creative, strange and interesting figures who’ve roamed the halls. It Happened Here is the inaugural book that has been published under a new project by Thornwillow called the Thronwillow Libretto. Additional books will be released by other well known writers who will contribute writings of now and then. Intriguing!

Happy Tuesday,

- Colleen