Back from another long weekend at the cabin and now it’s time to get organized. I can’t put it off any longer. I’ve had the oh-so-good intention of creating a better studio space in my spare bedroom and sun room but I just never quite had the time. I got about halfway finished (by buying a work desk) and left it at that. Now, with wedding planning and a few other projects up my sleeve, I can’t work in my organized(ish) mess any longer. It’s time to come clean.

I’ve given myself until September 15th since I’ll be traveling this weekend. Here’s the before:

Flee Fly Flown's Sun Room Mess

{Above: The messy, random, sunroom}  {Below: My slightly organized mess of a work desk}

Flee Fly Flown's Studio Space that need's organizing

Flee Fly Flown's Studio Work Space

Over the weekend, between bridal magazines, I perused an old issue of Where Women Create to help get inspired. If you’ve never looked through that magazine and site, I recommend it. There are so many creative women out there. I’m in awe.

Now, show me yours…What does your project space look like? Feel free to share the good, the bad and the ugly photos on the FFF Facebook page.

Stay tuned for the After shots!

- Colleen