Busy, busy week!

Not that I’m opposed to mixing gold and silver jewelry, but since my bling (engagement) ring is yellow gold, I see this as a good opportunity to swoon over some new gold baubles to complement it!

Gold Jewelry Inspiration on Flee Fly Flown

Top row, left to right: Vintage Navy Locket, $94. Early Bird Cuff, $18. Spiked Studs, $126. Middle row: Ear Studs, $33. Antler Hair Pins, $39. Seamstress Bracelet, $58. (want, want, want!) Bottom row: Crystal Necklace, $160. Art Deco Brooch, $53.99. Arrow Necklace, $32.

Sparkle and shine! More coming at you tomorrow.

- Colleen McIntyre on Flee Fly Flown