Movies of 2011 & 2012 of Flee Fly Flown

One thing I love about Fall and Winter is that I don’t feel as guilty spending more time in a movie theater. During the Summer, I always feel like I should be spending as much time outside enjoying the short season of sun and warmth. I’ve taken some time to catch up on upcoming movies, and here’s a bit of a long list of movies I’m excited to see. I won’t post all the trailers here, but each title is linked so you can watch. Listed in no particular order:

1. The Hunger Games :: Read the books. Just do it.

2. Anonymous :: Drama that asks, “Was Shakespeare a Fraud?” I’m mostly excited about the costumes.

3. Oranges & Sunshine :: Based on a true story of a British migration scheme in the 1980s. Really interesting.

4. My Week with Marilyn :: Another “true story” involving Marilyn Monroe.

5. Melancholia :: I’m not usually about the doom and gloom of the world ending, but this looks like it will be visually stunning.

6. The Muppets :: Enough said.

7. A Dangerous Method :: Period piece about psychology, sex (in a time of primness) and madness.

8. The Artist :: Love this take on the old black & white film.

9. Martha Marcy May Marlene :: A girl struggling to re-assimilate after leaving a cult.

10. Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows :: I love a good mystery. And Robert Downey, Jr. And Jude Law.

11. The Iron Lady :: Meryl Streep plays Margaret Thatcher. Go figure.

12. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo :: The U.S. Version. I have high expectations since the Swedish Version is so great.

13. Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close :: Based on the book by Jonathan Safran Foer. That’s enough for me.

14. Being Elmo :: A documentary about the puppeteer behind one of Sesame Street’s favorite characters.

On the radar but no trailers yet :

1. The Great Gatsby (remake)

2. My Fair Lady (remake)

Of course there are more that I’m forgetting or haven’t discovered yet.


- Colleen McIntyre on Flee Fly Flown