Unlike my brother who is currently living in sub zero temperatures in Fairbanks, Alaska, my neck of the woods has had a fairly mild winter up until now. Even January, thus far, was unseasonably warm (35 degrees instead of 2) until last week or so.

But now that we’ve entered single digit windchills I keep bundling up in layers and slathering on more moisturizer. It’s officially Winter Survival Mode.

So here’s my shortlist of items that are helping me get through the cold days (or would be nice to have to help me) as I impatiently wait for spring.

Surviving winter with Flee Fly Flown

1. Painted Desert Wrap &/Or Scarf :: Pretty Colors, Pretty Warm. $185. I see this being used as a scarf and an extra layer when you’re inside. Looks so cozy!

2. FAB Ultra Repair Cream, $15+. Let’s face it (get it?!), our cheeks, noses and chins take a beating during the winter months. You may as well give them a little more TLC to help with the dry skin and chapping.

3. Full Finger SmartPhone Gloves, $24.99. What are you crazy? I’m not using those fingerless gloves in negative temperatures. That’s why these handy little gloves are a must. Although they are slightly boring, but you could always spruce them up with a little DIY fabric flower action or perhaps a button or two.

4. SmartWool BaseLayer Leggings, $80. They are worth the cost. It’s amazing what a little extra layer can do for warmth. I seriously wear tights or thin long johns under my jeans almost every day during the cold months. Plus, they’re cute as regular leggings when the weather starts to warm again!

5. Fara Down Jacket by Soia & Kyo, $204. The down jacket I currently sport is a little short in the arms (story of my life), so I wouldn’t mind trying a new style that’s also longer in length (to the knees) to see if it’s any better. Plus this is cuter. And, the shape of the pockets have a slimming effect.

Stay warm!

- Colleen McIntyre on Flee Fly Flown