Not to be too repetitive with my round-ups these last few weeks, but it seems it’s all I’ve had time for with the wedding planning in full swing! (Updates soon. Promise.)

So, I have a few good posts coming down the pipeline, but in the meantime here’s my brainstorm on creating a Vintage inspired Valentine for your pal, main squeeze or perhaps as a few hints for your gifts you might like to receive.

Vintage Valentines Day Inspiration on Flee Fly Flown

Top row, left to right:

Vintage Valentine Download  | With a little color printer action and perhaps some glue and glitter, why not make your own valentine for that special someone? I recall a heavy use of heart shaped paper doilies for our homemade cards as a kid, as well.

Keep things simple and just make your sweetie a cupcake. Stick a vintage topper in it. $14.95.

Cupid can pierce both ears with these cute little vintage heart earrings. $27.

Middle row:

Wear your heart on your back (ba-dum-ching!) with this adorable heart-backed dress, $138.

Get a little crafty and make a pillow cover with a vintage love-themed hanky. Your Valentine will rest easy if you include some dried lavender inside the cushion. $38.

What’s old is new! Upcycle these unused vintage Valentine’s Day Cards, $5.

Bottom row:

I’ve always wanted to receive a telegram. Here’s a fun un-used one special for Valentine’s Day. $15.

Make heart-shaped pot holders for all of your delectable dinners made with love.

Good luck!

- Colleen McIntyre on Flee Fly Flown