Last year I posted my wish list on my birthday, which happens to be today. Last year? Well, it was a busy one and it’s only going to get busier, and better, in my year to come. With all the gifts that a wedding brings, I couldn’t think of much to want for this birthday. So my simple little wish is to try and remember to take a step back, and really look and enjoy this crazy business of getting older, getting married, and attempting to be a grown-up.

But just because I’m getting older, doesn’t mean I have to stop loving my favorite cake! Yes, of all the interesting, decadent or obscure foods that I like, I would still pick a from-the-box “confetti cake” baked and thickly frosted by my lovely Mom, even now. And I’m not messin’ around here…it has to be Betty Crocker’s “Rainbow Chip” Cake mix frosted with the “Rainbow Chip” frosting. The other brands (ahem, Pillsbury & Duncan Hines) make you mix the confetti in yourself. Lame.

Colleen's Birthday on Flee Fly Flown

Rainbow Chip Cake + Rainbow Chip Frosting = an Ecstatic Birthday Girl who happens to be wearing cabbage patch kid ear muffs indoors.

Happy Wednesday!

- Colleen McIntyre on Flee Fly Flown