map by Kali Meadows on Flee Fly Flown

I happened to be searching for illustrated maps as I work on our wedding invitation details and I came across this neat site,

Traverse City Illustration by Kali Meadow on on Flee Fly Flown

{Above: My Favorite! Traverse City Illustrated by Kali Meadow}

Kyoto Map by Jessica Pollak on on Flee Fly Flown

{Kyoto Illustrated by Jessica Pollak}

The maps are submitted by a community of artists that also happen to have an affinity for travel. As you flip through the site, you’ll find maps from all over the world, maps to life (The Alternate Route to a Dream Job), and information about each artist. Dreamed up by sister and brother designer-team-duo, Nate Padavick and Salli Swindell, the site offers an outlet for artists to showcase their work in a unique and creative way.

Europe Map by Ina Ahoi on on Flee Fly Flown

{Europe Illustrated by Ina Ahoi}

The maps themselves highlight unique places with call outs of local’s favorite sites and sounds. Certainly a prettier alternative to the typical guidebook. The only thing lacking is some Wisconsin representation. Any takers?

There’s also a sister site called I’m sure I’ll enjoy that one, too!

Happy trails,

- Colleen McIntyre on Flee Fly Flown