How hard would it be for you to unplug during vacation? I’m talking no mobile phone, tablet, laptop, the works. Ok, perhaps your ipod could stay, because, let’s be honest, unplugging shouldn’t have to mean total silence (this girl likes a good beat).

Treebones Resort Yurt Vacation
{Treebones Resort, Yurt lodging, Big Sur, CA}

I used to consider an international trip a great way to unplug from daily texting, tweeting, emailing and such simply because not all phone companies offered affordable international plans. But since that’s changing and smart phones can access wi-fi, an international trip doesn’t mean you’re disconnected anymore. Plus, we shouldn’t need to go that far to unplug.

Here’s the thing, if you’re on vacation but you’re constantly checking to see what others are up to (á la the Fbook and Twittersphere) or feel guilty if you don’t answer that email, are you really on vacation? You’re physically somewhere new, but are you paying any attention? Are you enjoying yourself? Did you even notice that whale that just breached in the distance in that beautiful blue ocean in front of you?

Afton Mountain | Virginia | Bed & Breakfast

I’m not saying every trip should be an unplugged journey, but I do think there’s something to be said for taking the time to consciously unplug on vacations from time to time. Say, your honeymoon (duh) or a beach vacation or camping (glamping counts).

The notion of an unplugged vacation is drumming up traction. Tourism boards are promoting spotty cell phone reception in their area as a place to unplug, articles have been written about the best places to get out of touch with technology, etc. But really, the simplest way to create an “unplugged” vacation is to make a pact with your traveling group to commit to a tech-free trip (barring emergencies of course). Perhaps there’s an incentive involved (first person to crack buys the drinks).

Royal Hideaway Hotel | Playacar | Mexico | Beach Vacation
{Royal Hideaway, Playacar, Mexico}

I can’t say it’s the case anymore, but our family used to have a strict no-t.v. policy at our cabin, and there wasn’t cell service. It makes for lots of conversation, time spent outside, game playing and plenty of eating. The rules have lightened up a bit, but since the cabin is still pretty remote, the mentality is mostly still there (for most of us anyway).

Irish Hollow Bed & Breakfast | Illinois | Cottage Vacation

{Irish Hollow Inn, Galena, IL}

Need ideas on where to go to go tech-free? There’s plenty of remote spots in the U.S. where you can unplug, to name a few:

National Parks (encouraging youngsters to unplug)

Treebones Resort, Big Sur, CA (this looks amazing)

Walled Lake Lodge, Northern Lower Michigan (yes, shameless plug here)

Irish Hollow, Galena, IL (as recommended in this NPR story)

Afton Mountain B&B, near Charlottesville, VA

Royal Hideaway, Playacar, Mexico

– And The Lost Girls offer their international suggestions.

So, would you go for an unplugged vacation? I’m curious to know. Leave a comment.

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- Colleen McIntyre on Flee Fly Flown