So I got a little ahead of myself last week when I mentioned that I had something big to launch this week. As these weeks have been going, there just aren’t enough hours in the day, and I have a short week with little time to plan or write. So, I’ll hold you in suspense for one more week on that front.

Tomorrow I’m off to Michigan for more wedding related planning and festivities (my first shower!), and so I thought I’d give another little sneak peak into a project I’m working on for the wedding. Plus, I realized I whizzed through a bunch of baby blankets this spring and haven’t done any show and tell.

So here goes!

Back in the day (highschool), I was that nerdy, crafty kid who took an interest in beading but I haven’t done much lately. Now seems as good of time as any to jump back on the bead bus, so here we are, 7 years later, making a few things for the wedding. I won’t give too much away until the big reveal, but here’s the mess I’m working in at the moment.

DIY Bead Project by Colleen McIntyre of Flee Fly Flown

You’ll see the black, blue and white flowers on the right which are vintage French beaded floral arrangements that my dear friend, Lizzie, sent me earlier this Spring. I think they have helped to re-ignite my bead obsession.

And as promised, here’s a show and tell of this Spring’s blankets made for a close friend’s new baby and as gift orders for friends-of-friends.

Chevron, Doily and Turtle Quilts by Colleen McIntyre of Flee Fly Flown

More craft, fashion and inspiration coming at you soon!

Thanks, as always, for reading,

- Colleen McIntyre of Flee Fly Flown