Camp Wanderlust BadgeBefore you arrive at Camp, there’s the anticipation of leaving and deciding on what to pack. While I wasn’t really a fashion conscious kid (purple glasses and full mouth retainer worked against me for a solid 5 years), there is a natural style to camp that includes both comfort, functionality and necessity.

So to pack things up for today’s lady camper, I’ve pulled inspiration from what a camper from decades past might wear, with some updated twists, of course.

Perhaps you’re spending a week at the lake or beach this summer. You might find some little fashion nuggets that apply. Either way, I can definitely tell you my camp style now would be WAY different than even my days in 2003 as a counselor.

Trunk | Camp Wanderlust

Travel Trunk, From $150.

Get Packin' | Camp Wanderlust

{Top row, left to right: Swim Suit Top, $52. Bottoms, $50. Loose & Light Shirt, $69.50. Shoulder Tie Tank, $44. Middle row: Fire-Side Hoody, $79.99. Shorts, on sale for $35. Lounger Pants, $68. Bottom row: Close Toed Shoes (but you can still keep it stylish), $44.99.}

Protect & Accessorize | Camp Wanderlust

{Top row, left to right: “I’ll Fly Away” All-Natural Insect Repellent, from $4.99. Badger SPF30 Natural Sunscreen, from $15.99. Hat for Sun Protection, on sale for $19.99. Middle: Vintage Bandana, $10. Sunglasses, $39.99. Bottom: Day Pack, $54. Vintage Ranger Hat, $54. Water Canteen – Updated Classic, from $7.99.}

We’ll be on our way to camp next week with a classic camp craft how-to.

Until then, Happy Trails!

- Colleen McIntyre of Flee Fly Flown