As kids, my siblings and I didn’t often get Kool-Aid at home, so one of my favorite parts about camp meals was the Bug Juice you got with every lunch and dinner. Ah, the simple pleasures, no?

Bug Juice – not quite name brand Kool-Aid but close in taste, sugar content and the variety of colors.

Bug Juice | Cocktail | Recipe

So as we enter the dining hall at Camp Wanderlust, I encourage you to re-visit the traditional Bug Juice, but perhaps add some sophistication (alcohol) to the mix. Great for a hot afternoon of sitting by the waterfront.

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I tried my hand at making my own “Bug Juice Spritzer” and I’ve also included a link to the Backyard Bartender’s Kool-Aid Concoctions, she’s definitely more of the libation expert than I.

She calls it crunk juice, I call it bug juice.

And here’s my take on a Bug Juice Spritzer:

– 1/2 Cup Unsweetened, concentrated Black Cherry Kool-Aid (I made a batch using half the amount of water and no sugar.)

– 1-2ish Shots of Citrus Honey Vodka (or infuse your own!)

– 1 Tbsp Simple Syrup

– Squeeze of Fresh Lemon

– Topped off with Club Soda

It turns out like a less sweet, summery spritzer. Add, substitute, increase, decrease. You know the drill. Get creative and let me know how it turns out.

Happy Friday!

- Colleen McIntyre of Flee Fly Flown

P.S. That Kool-Aid will stain your hands and anything else. Be careful!