I’ve said all along that I wasn’t going to freak out about the little things and the details that I know no one will notice but me. Shoes on the other hand, are a bit more noticeable and I’m finding that, in my case (or perhaps in every bride’s case), I’m struggling to find the perfect pair.

Seriously?! Ridiculously Tall High Heels and Shoes


Here’s the conundrum ::  I’m pushing 5’10”, my fiance is pushing 6′ when he’s got certain shoes on (sometimes). I don’t really want to be towering over my betrothed on our wedding day, but the shoe fashion trends this year dictate either super tall, super ridiculous, stripper-type shoes or completely flat. I know, you’re probably thinking to yourself, “suck it up and go for the flats,” but I would like a little bit of a heel to help me stand a little more straight (hide my bad posture) and it’s more fun to dance in heels.

Second issue :: Any shoe that has a tiny heel usually comes in limited colors (mostly white). I have a specific color in mind, but so far, that doesn’t seem to be a color of the season, either. I’ve been thinking of resorting to dyables…which I may still do…but they are always so uncomfortable. And finally, I have a style in mind to go with the style of my dress.

So the point of all my shoe whining? I figured I’d at least share just a few of my favorite wedding shoes if heel height, environment, dress matching and money weren’t an issue.

Clockwise: True Blue Heel, $90. Seafoam Pretty Little Heels, $172 (on sale). Gold Oxfords, $300. Sparkles & Peeps Yellow Heels, $120. Minty Green Peep Toes, $150.

I think I may have found the right shoes, but they’re currently en route, so I’m not positive. If they don’t work, I might just get out the dye and do a bit of d.i.y. for the perfect shoe. But you’ll all have to wait for the post-wedding big reveal for all the details. So there.

Stay tuned!

- Colleen McIntyre of Flee Fly Flown