“Mm-mmm, I wanna linger, mm-mmm, a little longer, mm-mmm, a little longer here with you…” Camp Wanderlust Badge

Well folks, as with every great session at camp, we have to come to a close on this blog series of Camp Wanderlust for the summer. As I’ve mentioned, I had grand plans of many more posts, so perhaps you’ll find that next summer brings a second session. We’ll see.

The moral of all my summer camp nostalgic ramblings? Camp isn’t just for kids, my friends.

wandawega lake resort | camp | cabin interiors

And thanks to my friend, Annette, I’ve got another great camp setting to share where you can make your own camp experience – be it in vintage boy scout tents (so cool), in a 1 room log cabin, with friends in a 3 room lake house and more…all with plenty of activities including fishing, tennis, canoeing, swimming and more, scattered throughout the grounds.

wandawega lake resort | vintage boy scout tents

Wandawega Lake Resort, nestled near Elkhorn, Wisconisn, between Chicago and Milwaukee, is the perfect setting for re-enacting the best childhood camp traditions, and creating new ones.

wandawega lake resort | cabins

The property has a long and interesting history that touches on prohibition, “legit” vacationing and Latvian priests – boasting a lot of character not to mention its great vintage, woodland charm. You can read more about what owners David Hernandez and Tereasa Surratt are up to on the Wandawega blog and find rental information here.

wandawega lake | elkhorn | wisconsin

I can’t wait to spend a long weekend here. You might consider it yourself.

So for now, campers, sing a round of Kumbaya and be on your merry camp way.

Happy Trails,

- Colleen McIntyre of Flee Fly Flown

P.S. Coming up this month and moving forward you’ll inevitably see more Wedding related posts, but of course, that means diy, travel inspiration, packing lists, music and more. Bear with me.