…back to reality…Only if I must.

Flee Fly Flown | Fiji | Honeymoon
{We had craft hour on the beach one day}

While I’d still like to be laying on the beach reading in Fiji, alas, all amazing things must come to an end, and so my new Hubby and I are back from our honeymoon and attempting to re-adjust to work and married life (and dig out of our cave of boxes).

McWiz In Fiji on Flee Fly Flown

As we head into Autumn I’ve got lots to share! Bear with me as I finish catching up at the day job this week and I’ll be ready with more stuff soon and, *pinky swear,* back to consistent posts.

p.s. My Irish skin didn’t stand a chance against Wiz’s. Power to the pale!

McWiz Tanning Contest | Colleen Loses