I’ll skip the excuses of my bad blogging record lately and just get right to it. I have news!!!

As of last Monday, I’m the newest edition to a small creative group called Plaid Tuba (website coming soon). I basically get to work with artists and support them in various ways (marketing, project management, heck – with a paint brush, if needed) on the business side, every day!

my new "office"

{My new office!}

Since creativity is at the core of my passion, it was an opportunity I couldn’t, shouldn’t, wouldn’t pass up.

This blog is all about creative discovery, and now I get to do that and support the artist community, full time! Are you kidding? I’m still expecting to wake up. Somebody pinch me.

At the core of Plaid Tuba are my compatriots, Reginald Baylor and Heidi Witz. Reginald is a full-time artist and Heidi is his Studio Manager. We three work with artists, vendors, clients, sponsors, etc. to continue to develop and contribute to Milwaukee’s creative economy.

Here’s a little video about Reginald Baylor’s work, to help look you get an idea of what’s happening here in Milwaukee and at Plaid Tuba.

And in case you’re really curious, here’s a great article to learn more, published in November’s Milwaukee Magazine.

Here’s to taking a leap!

- Colleen McIntyre Wisniewski of Flee Fly Flown