Today’s Holiday gift inspiration draws directly from the pages of the book, The Gift of the Magi. Set in a shabby flat in New York, newlyweds Jim and Della both have a prized possession that they decide to give up so they can afford a Christmas gift for the other.

Jim sells his pocket watch to buy Della pretty combs for her long beautiful hair, Della sells her hair to buy Jim a gold chain for his pocket watch. Oh the irony!

The book has a bit of a Victorian feel to it, so pulling from that, and the inspiration of the sacrifices and gifts given, you might find the right gift for your vintage loving lady or dapper gentleman friend in today’s gift guide.

Gift of the Magi | By The Book Gift Guide

  • Nixon Pocket Watch, on sale from $199. Perfect for a genteel fellow.
  • Party Hair Pin, $80…perhaps a little vintage glam for your lady for New Year’s Eve?
  • {Detail of} Antique French Hairstyle Magazine Page, $24. This would look sweet framed, on the wall.
  • Vintage Watch Chain or Bracelet, $22. I love that this has been converted, though it could still be used for its original purpose.
  • Double Watch on Chain Necklace, $58. A touch of vintage with a cute and modern application.
  • Give the actual book: The Gift of the Magi Book by O.Henry, from $11.
  • Ear Muffs, $24…save the pretty hair, but keep those ears toasty!
  • The Newlyweds” by Nell Freudenberger. What looks like an interesting story of a modern marriage.

Happy shopping!

- Colleen McIntyre Wisniewski of Flee Fly Flown