Continuing on my gift guide theme this year, pulling inspiration from the story of The Gift of the Magi, I thought I’d explore the frugal circumstances of the newlyweds in the story.

Della, the new wife, ends up with $21.87 to spend on her husband’s Christmas Gift. Here’s a few ideas of gifts that cost around that much or less whether it’s an experience, thoughtful food or homemade gifts for friends or family, here’s some gift inspiration for a shoestring budget:

Frugal Food Gift Guide | Holiday Shopping 2012

Homemade Food Gifts are great because you may spend $20 on ingredients but your batch can go a long way and to a lot of gift recipients. As much as I love the cookies, I thought these somewhat savory ideas would make a nice alternative. Stick them in neat little jars, add a bow and voila!

DIY Holiday Gift Ideas | Christmas Shopping 2012

DIY Gifts are always heartfelt. The time and attention they take make them that much more special.

Experiential Holiday Gifts | Christmas Shopping 2012

Experiential Gifts should not go overlooked. Everyone has a list of things they’d love to do but never quite get to. Make one of those things happen for a loved one!

  • Ice Skating & Hot Cocoa – Skate rentals typically cost around $8.
  • Community theater Holiday Show – Smaller theater groups often cost less than the big productions. Support local actors!
  • Tickets to a local museum – Tickets typically range from $12-15.


- Colleen McIntyre Wisniewski of Flee Fly Flown