As we wind down on the 30 days of blissful thinking, I wanted to share one of the d.i.y. projects I did for the wedding to add my own touch on a recent trend but also to save money on a product that is not that cheap – mercury glass (or at least the effect).

DIY Mason Jars Mercury Glass on Flee Fly Flown

I had come across a few tutorials on how to achieve a mercury glass effect and learned a few tricks of my own. We used a lot of ball jars in our table décor, both blue vintage (lots of flea market hunting!) and clear, and so to add a third element I added the mercury glass to some of the mason jars.

McWiz Wedding Table | Photo by Bryan and Mae

I’m not going to re-explain the entire process though I’ll share the tips that were helpful to me then point you to the resources I used.

> The brand of paint does make a difference. Use Krylon Looking Glass spray paint. There’s other metallic paints and brands, but this one works the best. It can be hard to find though – I found some around town, but I ordered some as well.

> Paint the outside instead of the inside. I did this because we were putting candles in some of the jars. Since spray paint can be flammable, I did this as a precaution. Though if you paint the outside, handle the jars with care – the paint will rub off more easily.

> The ratio of vinegar to water in the spray bottle is important! (Half vinegar / half water)

> Don’t use these to store food in after they’ve been painted!

> You may need a few coats. Re-spray the water/vinegar solution for each coat you do.

I referenced the Mercury Glass Tutorial on Martha Stewart as well as this helpful one!


- Colleen McIntyre Wisniewski of Flee Fly Flown