Mr. Selfridge from Masterpiece Classic

Being the Downton Abbey, and general period piece, fan that I am, of course I was planning to watch Masterpiece Classic’s latest series, Mr. Selfridge. It didn’t hurt that it was about shopping, either. Oh, and it stars Jeremy Piven. I like him.

I caught the series premiere last night (online) since we were on the road on Easter Sunday.

The series shows promise and is worth a watch for you fellow buffs, but they certainly crammed a lot of information into two hours. Hopefully as the series unfolds, they’ll dive more into each character they introduced and not spread the story so thin. The costumes are great but I can only imagine the pain of the hair prep and weight of the hats the ladies wore.

Mr. Selfridge on Flee Fly Flown

But of course, the hats inspire a few Kentucky Derby looks. Stay tuned for inspiration!

- Colleen McIntyre Wisniewski of Flee Fly Flown

p.s. Call the Midwife is back on, too!