Whimsey Box Subscription

Subscription Boxes like Birch Box and The Fancy seem to be all the rage recently. And to be honest? I’m cool with that. In case you haven’t been keeping up, there are all sorts of companies popping up that will curate a box of goodies for you every month for a subscription fee.

They make fabulous gifts for others or perhaps a little pick-me-up for yourself each month.

I got my husband a t-shirt subscription a few years ago for Christmas. This year, he got me a subscription for Fancy Box and I love it. Each month I get a box full of goodies that range from beauty products to tech-y gear to fashion. My favorite items so far have been an awesome water bottle, a fancy new watch and a cool turquoise skull bead bracelet.

There are also some fabulous travel and craft related subscriptions out there. Here are a few of my favorites (besides my Fancy Box):

Whimsey Box Subscription

Whimsey Box // Get this, a box of craft supplies arrives on your doorstep every month and you come up with fun things to do with what you receive! Pretty paper, washi tape, fabric and more!!! The best thing about this concept? It’s very community driven so you can jump on their site after receiving your box for inspiration and instruction on things to do with your new craft supplies.

A Box From Subscription

A Box From // Get samples of food, beauty, design and gadget-y products from a distant place each month. This company seems newer and has launched with A Box From Seoul (that is sold out), but I’m curious to see what will be next!

Try the World Subscription

Try the World // Taste the delights and learn cultural tidbits about far off places without crossing your own welcome mat. This whimsical subscription speaks to my wandering soul. The company has launched with a box from Paris that sounds oh so tasty. I love the story of the couple that has launched the company.

Hammock Pack Subscription

Hammock Pack // Sometimes a trip just isn’t in the cards, but you have vacation days to burn. Hammock Pack is a subscription for staycation supplies. Each month has a different theme – some by far off city, some by activities such as Day Spa, Farmers Markets, and a few surprises in between.

Stitch Kit Subscription

Stitch Sampler Subscriptions / 3 / 6 / 12 Months // This year I’ve had a keen interest in improving my hand sewing, embroidery and stitching skills. I haven’t gotten too far yet with only so many hours in the day, but I thought this monthly stitching sampler kit would be a fun way to learn.

There are so many other subscription boxes out there now. You can pretty much get a subscription for anything from your pets to your period to your unmentionables. What would you subscribe to?

Until next time,

- Colleen McIntyre Wisniewski of Flee Fly Flown