Well, hello folks. Another week has whizzed by and we find ourselves once again looking forward to the weekend. I have cleared my schedule since Mjwizzy is undertaking a huge feat on Sunday. In his words he is attempting to survive, and not die, during the Half Iron Man. So I’ll be helping him carb load and cheering all weekend long.

As we’ve made our way through this hot week, I’ve meandered around the internet and have a few things to share with you…

> Yes, I did just finish re-reading P&P. Yes, I do want to see Austenland.

> And Saving Mr. Banks. I heart Mary Poppins.

> I finally broke down and bought this bag.

> Cool off while you booze it up.

> Household objects help recreate classical style portraits.

> Do you watch Project Runway? I’m so excited for my friend Timothy, he’s made it past the first round!

Stay cool and have a lovely weekend!

- Colleen McIntyre Wisniewski of Flee Fly Flown