Ok, so I haven’t been shy about my love of Jane Austen novels, and the classic author seems to be in the news a lot lately, so I have recently been inspired to make my own break for Austenland if in imagination only.

Complete Works of Jane Austen

The movie, based on the novel, Austenland, is scheduled to hit theaters next week. There was also the announcement that Jane Austen’s portrait will grace the 10-pound British banknote beginning in 2017 (and has been stirring up some interesting news on Twitter). Every year or two, I revisit a Jane Austen novel and this summer, over the 4th, I dove back into Pride and Prejudice, which led to me reading the novel, Austenland by Shannon Hale, which the new film is based on.

The movie/book seem light-hearted and fun, but would I really want to escape to 18th century England, playing dress-up and speaking with a fake British accent? My relatives may laughingly say I would go whole-heartedly, but really?! No. Not at all (unless someone else paid for it, ha!), a visit to the town of Bath is just enough Jane for me. I’ll satisfy my curiosity by seeing the movie.

Despite my lack of desire to actually visit Jane Austen’s time-period, my love of vintage is stirred and inspired by the period, with some modern updates. So with that, here are a few ways you might bring a hint of Austenland home.

Vintage Tea Party Inspiration on Flee Fly Flown

{Vintage Tea Party Book & Crown Rose Tea Set}

Austenland inspiration

{ClockwiseWaterfall Ruffle Dress, The Jane Austen Guide to Happily Ever After, Low Riding Boot, Lace & Green Top, Gardening Hat, Ginger Green Tea Candle, Embroidered Monogram Pendant Necklace.}

Austenland inspired style

{Preppy Gray Blazer}

Tally-ho! A hunting we will go!

- Colleen McIntyre Wisniewski of Flee Fly Flown