mjwizzy bbq in style

{Wiz getting a first bite of his Velvet Elvis Cupcake at a bbq last week}

Happy Long Weekend! As we meander towards the weekend that marks the end of summer how will you send off the season? We often squeeze in a final bbq or two with friends as many do, and this year, we have the added special occasion of our 1st wedding anniversary!

In honor of the last grilling days of summer I thought I’d round up a few barbecue links for you to meander through this weekend.

> Cute and comfortable bbq style inspiration.

> A light and delectable side dish to bring to a barbecue.

> The perfect grill-side beer.

> Gingham style.

> The first thing we’re going to buy when we move.

> A great grill master apron.

> Lawn Games on steroids.

> Tune in to a good playlist.

> Boozy treats to cool off.

> And if you get so bored this weekend that you’re staring at your computer, there’s this.

Have a safe and fun holiday weekend, folks!

- Colleen McIntyre Wisniewski of Flee Fly Flown