Well, we’ve both pulled through. My husband and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary over the weekend and life feels pretty sweet.


I love the idea of following the traditions for each anniversary year, and so we exchanged paper-themed gifts.

I had many a grand ideas of what to get my husband though my time constraints got in the way, so here are 8 ideas that might help inspire you for a gift for someone special – first anniversary or not.

Artifact Uprising Instagram/Photo Calendar

1. Pick your favorite Instagram photos from year one and have them printed as a calendar for year 2. I also love the wood clipboard this one comes with from Artifact Uprising! (They do books, too!).

2. A blank notebook to record your anniversary and other memories together (a bit gushy, but I like it). I prefer the simple ones.

3. Cover the bathroom mirror in sticky notes with words of love and memories for your partner to find.

4. Breakfast in bed served on a paper plate accompanied by a paper flower & a love note.

First Anniversary Paper Inspiration

5. We are headed to Poland in a few days which happens to coincide with our anniversary. I made a mini polish pajaki in anticipation of our trip.

6. Tickets to somewhere or something special.

7. I love this reclaimed folded paper monogram book.

8. Personalized newspaper of your first year, because Print is Not Dead. (This would be neat for a wedding weekend guide as well!)

First Anniversary Paper Inspiration

Tell me – for you married folks, have you followed anniversary traditions? Or have you started your own?

Happy Tuesday,

- Colleen McIntyre Wisniewski of Flee Fly Flown