Just a few short days until we take off for our European adventure!

If you can believe it, I’ve been obsessing over packing the right combination of clothes. Packing is all about strategy and planning, and for this trip I’ve got long flights, lots of walking, crisp mornings and warm afternoons to consider. Not to mention wanting to look cute and not too American, though I’m sure we’ll stick out like a sore thumb anyway; Neither of us speak much Polish.

My approach to packing is usually to go with neutrals, layering, interchangeability and not too many shoes since they add weight. Planning outfits ahead definitely helps cut down on things you don’t end up wearing.

So here’s a sample of some of the outfits I’m packing – or near versions. Plus, a few tips!

What to Pack | Basics | Europe in the Fall

Since we’re heading to the mountains for a few days, and there’s always a chance of rain in the fall, a mini-umbrella and light, versatile jacket are a must. Make sure to bring a bag that zips; better for deterring pick-pockets.

What to Pack | Basics | Europe in the Fall

A day spent tooling around town or on a full day excursion requires layers and comfy shoes, without sacrificing style, of course.

1. Cowl Scarf, $48. 2. Sleeveless Top, $37.99.  3. Bright 3/4 Cardigan, $34.99.  4. Socks! $12 for 3/Pack. 5. Booties, $99.95. 6. Roll-up Jeans, $189.

What to Pack | Basics | Europe in the Fall

Spending a more relaxed day wandering the antique markets may require an expandable bag for your good finds, comfy shoes and of course, more layers! Dropping by a cafe then on to the park for some down time makes the loafers and stretchy pants a must.

1. Longchamp Bag, $145 (Tip! Buy duty-free at the airport on your next international trip.) 2. Light Chevron Top, $34.99.  3. Red Ruffle Cardigan, $ 88.  4. Driving Loafers, $49.95 (on sale). 5. Black Jeggings, $69.95.

What to Pack | Basics | Europe in the Fall

A day in Amsterdam spent at the Van Gogh Museum, the Anne Frank House, then straight on to a nice dinner may leave little time for popping back to the hotel. A cute dress with scarf and denim shirt can be dressed up when you lose the scarf and re-arrange the shirt. Tights optional if it’s chilly.

1. Striped Afternoon Dress, $78.50 (on sale).   2. Plaid Scarf, $58. 3. Arrow Bracelet, $39.  4. Denim Shirt, $88.  5. Black-Strap Bootie, $99.

Now, mix and match! Of course I’m bringing a few more things along with me, but you get the idea. The more layers you can mix together, the less trouble you’ll have trying to shut your suitcase.

Here goes nothing!

- Colleen McIntyre Wisniewski of Flee Fly Flown