Ok – another quiet week on the blog. Catching up on work in and out of the day job, but also the Milwaukee Film Festival is happening right now and we’ve been finding ourselves at a lot of the films.

Milwaukee Film Festival

{Artwork for the film festival was done by local artist, KPolly. Love his style!}

With that, let’s meander through some film inspired links, shall we?

Here are the films I’ve seen and/or plan to see, along with a few other film related tidbits I’m excited about…

> Zarafa is a sweet children’s animated film about a giraffe.

> Valentine Road explores the people involved in a tragic shooting in 2008 in Oxnard, CA. Hard to watch but worth it.

> Muscle Shoals was a music history lesson about all of the great music that was recorded in Muscle Shoals, AL from Aretha Franklin to Lynard Skynard and so many in between.

> Let’s Get Animated: Short Film Series had some interesting snippets and others, not I didn’t love as much. All of them listed here. This short, I particularly enjoyed.

> Earth with live music by Altos. I can’t wait to see this tonight.

> Sign Painters explores a dying art form.

> Date America happens to be dreamed up by a friend of mine. He traveled the country looking for love.

And a few other film related links…

> For you Hunger Games fans.

> And this as well.

> Beautiful house and lovely couple.

That’s all for now! Have a lovely weekend!

- Colleen McIntyre Wisniewski of Flee Fly Flown