First movie on the list of this year’s Gift Guide inspiraiton? National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. A classic and a favorite. A little joke in our family growing up was calling my dad Clark Griswold, what with his corny jokes, constant camera wielding and basic resemblance in appearance.

Christmas Vacation | Clark's Bonus

This gift guide looks at the humor in the Holidays. All the things that can go wrong, too much time in close proximity with relatives, christmas decorations on steroids – but in the end you (hopefully) appreciate the quirkiness of your family and remember the spirit of Christmas.

Christmas Vacation Tree

Enjoy the first set of gift inspiration a la Griswolds!

National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation | Christmas Gift Guide Inspiration

> Holy Sh*t Where’s the Tylenol? Cross Stitch Pattern, $3.40.
> Gourmet Jelly of the Month Club, $89.98 (for 3 Months).
> Ellen’s Blue Ear Muffs & Headphones, $80.00.
>Squirrel Ornament, $18.
> Clark’s Christmas Cardigan Sweater, $53.39.
> iPhone Case, $15.00.
> Cousin Eddie’s Robe, $75.00.
Cat in a Box Bank, $39.99.
> Aunt Bethany’s Leopard Print Coat, $142.48.

Christmas Vacation Eddie

Next guide will be up tomorrow!

- Colleen McIntyre Wisniewski of Flee Fly Flown