Sad to say, but I had to re-watch A Christmas Story to get inspiration for this gift guide. I remember watching it as a kid and catching parts of it on t.v. throughout the years, but a good refresher of this Christmas movie from start to finish was due.

A Christmas Story | Boys Toys

I had definitely forgotten parts, like the Bumpus hounds storming the kitchen and ruining the turkey, Christmas dinner at the Chop Suey Palace (& Bowling), Ralph’s many dream sequences, getting his mouth washed out with soap (been there!).

After watching it all the way through again, the first thing that came to mind was boys and their toys.

So this gift guide is dedicated to the boys in your life, since no matter how old they get, they still like their toys, whether it’s a Leg Lamp, Red Ryder Range Air Rifle or a toy zeppelin.

A Christmas Story

> STOCKING STUFFER: Dress for Dinner Tie Paper Napkins, $6.00.
> Desk Organizer Crates, $30+ (“Fra-gil-e. That must be Italian.”)
> .45 Colt Bullet Cuff Links, $24.99 (“You’ll shoot your eye out!”)
> STOCKING STUFFER, Silly Teeth, $7.41.
> Gift certificate for target practice at the shooting range
> STOCKING STUFFER: Face & Shave Soap, $11.95.
> Ralphie’s Glasses (or a Warby Parker Gift Card), from $95.00.
> Roadside Emergency Kit, $69.00.
> Vintage Radio iPhone/iPod Dock, from $345.00

A Christmas Story | Ralph and Soap

“And all was right with the world…”

- Colleen McIntyre Wisniewski of Flee Fly Flown

P.S. If you’re ever in Cleveland, you can visit the A Christmas Story House & Museum that was used for the front house shots.