I may have mentioned it in a previous post but I’ll say it again, I have a bit of a crush on the travel company, Black Tomato.

BlackTomato | Set Jetting TV Inspired Vacations

What have they done to earn such esteem in my heart? This time it’s their themed trips ‘Set Jetting‘ where you can galavant off on a trip based on your favorite TV show – if it happens to be Game of Thrones, The Bridge (I don’t know this show, do you?), Downton Abbey, Mad Men, Lost or Breaking Bad.

Black Tomato | Set Jetting Downton Abbey  Themed Vacation

Personally, I’d choose Downton Abbey – tour Highclere Castle, visit Oxfordshire, the Cotswolds and London. And tea! And cake! And clay pigeon shooting! Ok, I’m getting carried away. But it is right up my alley. Read more about the itinerary (and the others).

Black Tomato | Set Jetting Downton Abbey  Themed Vacation

I also wouldn’t mind a trip to Croatia and Iceland, though I haven’t started binge watching Game of Thrones, yet.

Black Tomato | Set Jetting Game Of Thrones themed vacation

Where would you go if you could choose a TV (or movie) themed trip?

A gal can dream,

- Colleen McIntyre Wisniewski of Flee Fly Flown