Well it’s officially spring according to the calendar, though we still have a long way to go where green grass and blooming tulips are concerned.

Instagram image by Colleen Wisniewski

Did you have a good week? Mine went by in an absolute flash, but all good things. This weekend we have minor home improvements on the list – painting the kitchen and sunroom, yesterday I bought I new fridge and stove. I feel so adult. The point of all the changes is to actually get our not-yet-sold condo sold!

So with that – I have decorating on the mind (and a few things I wish I was doing other than painting this weekend).

> Martha’s perfect neutral paint palette.

> I love Design Seeds – one of my go-tos for color combo inspiration.

> Good read on Veronica Mars – giving fans what they want but not what they expect.

> Kitchen paint color inspiration.

> I also would like to see Divergent instead of paint.

> Did you celebrate on St. Patrick’s Day? We’ve been chomping on leftover Soda Bread all week. Yum!

> Inspiration to sun-up the sunroom.

That’s all for now! I’ll let you know how it all turns out!

Have a great weekend,

- Colleen McIntyre Wisniewski of Flee Fly Flown