Hi Friends! Another busy week of prepping the condo for listing. It’s going up on Monday. Hooray! Below is a little before and after action of our Sunroom (my sewing room) with a new coat of paint. It definitely brightens up the room, despite the dreary weather outside.

Flee Fly Flown Before & After Sunroom Painiting
{Before: Dark Turquoise}                                     {After: Sunny Side Up!}

This weekend I’m playing catch-up on sewing. Holy orders batman, have I received a lot of requests lately. I can’t complain but it means there’s a lot of stitching to be done.

But in between the sewing and condo selling, I’m sure we’ll squeeze in some fun – like Pierogi Fest on Sunday. Yep!!!

Here’s a few fun links I meandered through this week. Enjoy!

Palettes and Wes Anderson, all in one place. Amazing.

BiblioCraft – A Modern Crafter’s Guide to using Library Resources to Jumpstart Creative Projects.

> What if you changed to key of a happy song? It sounds sad.

> Bought this shelf to match the hexagonal tile in our bathroom. Love it.

> A new home decor shopping site launched this week. Intrigued!

> I’m intrigued by this cake.

What are you up to this weekend? Enjoy it!

- Colleen McIntyre Wisniewski of Flee Fly Flown