Colleen McIntyre

Photo by C.J. Foeckler

fleeflyflown: to escape, go elsewhere and come back with something creative, to share. Not restricted simply to physical travel; also includes (but not limited to) escape into craft, music, art, design. A good book. People encountered everyday or once in a lifetime. Unforgettable flavors.

Colleen Prudence at your service. I flee a lot. I fly a lot. And I’ve flown more than I can remember.

Along the way, I’ve encountered a lot of cultures that stir the imagination and inspire creativity. I’ve also had a lot of time to kill during long-haul flights, layovers, delays, you name it, which is usually spent planning or doing craft projects, with my nose in a book, or tearing out ideas from magazines. Oh, and a lot of listening time on my ipod.

To date, my travels have taken me to four continents, 30+ countries and countless cities. While I’m not sure if I’ll ever make it to every country, I plan to explore parts of every continent and find new (or revisit old) influences to drive creativity and discover new ways to harness it in the form of handmade gifts, clothes, decor, design and whatever else I come up with.

I have both my parents to thank (or blame?) for inspiring this blog; my dad, for passing on and constantly feeding my wanderlust. And my mom, who has fostered my passion for creativity by teaching and leading through her own, beautiful, hand-crafted examples.