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12 Days of Christmas BookWhile Christmas is fast approaching, you still have time to find the perfect gift for the hardest to shop for on your list. Here’s the full list of my “Twelve Days of Christmas” gift guide/wish list from the past two weeks to help inspire you.

The Twelve Days of Christmas:

  • Two Turtle Doves – Turtles, Doves, paired gifts. Everything from plush toys to accessories.
  • Three French Hens – Gifts inspired by Coco Chanel, Julia Child and the Mona Lisa.
  • Eight Maids a Milking – A smörgåsbord of dairy inspired gifts: cow prints, ceramic vases, grilled cheese recipes.
  • Nine Ladies Dancing – Everything from sweet headphones to the perfect get-down outfit for the girl with rhythm of her own.

While this list may not cover everyone you’re shopping for, I hope you’re able to cross a person or two off.

Happy Holidays!

- Colleen

And finally, for the twelfth and final day of Christmas, here are a few gift ideas for the drummers (or wanna-bes).

Twelve Drummers Drumming…
Twelve Drummers Drumming on Flee Fly Flown
Top row, left to right: Drum Stick Mixing Spoons, $13. The Beatles Rock Band, $40 (software only). Music! “Drummer” – the Band, (find them on iTunes). Middle row: Handprinted Drummer 2010 Calendar, $13. Portable Beat Box, $30. Drum Table, $370. Bottom row: More music! “The Drums” – the band, (find them on iTunes). For the future drummer – “Beat It” Onesie, $16. Blue Smoke – Drumline Documentary DVD, $15.

…And the beat goes on.

I hope you’ve found a little inspiration tucked away in my twelve days of Christmas gift ideas. There’s a lot to inspire and drool over. Enjoy the shopping and remember to enjoy the season now that the stresses of shopping are over!
- Colleen

P.S. Up later this week, a quilt-inspired ornament how-to.

On the eleventh day of Christmas, there are pipers piping, however I’m going to be a little loose in my interpretation and consider the “pipes” to be vocal chords. Therefore, this wish list/gift guide is based on music. It’s a quick list since the ideas are generic (you choose the genre/artist) but I’ll give you a few specific examples.

Eleven Pipers Piping…

Tickets on Flee Fly FlownIf your gift recipient is a frequent concert goer, how about giving them the gift of live music? Either grab a gift certificate to a venue you know they like, an online gift certificate to a ticket vendor or if you know of a specific concert they’re dying to see, go for tickets to the show.

And while you’re at it, how about giving them a book to keep all of their ticket stubs in from their favorite shows?
Ticket Book on Flee Fly Flown
Ticket Stub Book, $11.

If you don’t necessarily have the cash to spend on tickets to a concert for that certain someone, how about the next best thing…one of their favorite bands’ live concert dvds or documentaries?
Wilco on Flee Fly Flown

Wilco Live- Ashes of American Flags DVD, $16.

This may serve as only part of their gift, but if you know of a local radio stationRadio Milwaukee on Flee Fly Flown the gift receiver frequently listens to and it’s listener supported, you could donate to the station in their name. Keep the tunes they like coming across the air-waves.

And of course, for the avid Beatles (or other classic) listener, give the gift of tunes in the complete set. Many of the legends have collectors editions out, ready for the giving.
The Beatles on Flee Fly Flown

The Beatles Mono Box Set, $199.

Have an indie music fan with an equal love of Christmas? If they don’t already have it, you could present them with a box set of interesting interpretations of classic Christmas carols from Sufjan Stevens.
Sufjan Stevens on Flee Fly Flown

Sufjan Stevens Songs for Christmas Box Set, $19.

Up next…the last day of Christmas!

- Colleen

P.S. Want to help keep the arts alive for schools? Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon recorded a session with Eau Claire Memorial High School’s Jazz 1 (band) and the proceeds to the live cd go to the school’s music program.
Jazz 1 & Justin Vernon on Flee Fly Flown

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