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Podcast ImageThis pilgrim will be road tripping it back home to Michigan for the annual family feast of Thanksgiving.

As we progress through the long drive across the Upper Peninsula, I’m sure we’ll have a few new playlists to get through and perhaps an audiobook, but thanks to a friend of ours, this summer we were introduced to the podcast, You Look Nice Today. The podcast doesn’t seem like it’s about anything much – just three guys having random conversation about random topics but it all seems to ensue in hilarity.

If you’re on the road for the holiday, safe travels!

- Colleen McIntyre Wisniewski of Flee Fly Flown

P.S. This Podcast is NOT for little ears. It can be vulgar at times.


Picking up from yesterday’s post on getting back in the saddle, let’s continue on with the bicycle topic.

While I feel like a kid again riding around town, I do have to say that cycling can produce wardrobe challenges. It’s not easy attempting to look slightly put together on a bike or thereafter at your destination, once you’ve arrived. I’m determined to still wear my normal clothes but with a few potential additions or alterations in order to avoid flashing anyone while riding in a skirt, getting a pant leg caught in the chain or a shoe lost as I cycle through an intersection.

With that in mind, the most useful thing I’ve picked up is a pair of spandex shorts to wear under skirts and dresses. I feel like I’m back on the playground with my navy blue uniform and Umbros underneath. It beats a flash of the wrong cheek though and they pretty much go unseen. Good thing leggings are in, since those are a useful accessory too.

Here are few other ideas for practical bicycle wear that will keep you looking dapper and, er, modest, while riding.

Fashion on Wheels by Flee Fly Flown
Top Row, Right to Left: Fox Top, $28.99. Dress, $60. Dark Grey Cigarette Jean, $54. Middle Row: Below the Knee Legging, $24. Shirt Dress, $58. Bottom Row: Spandex shorts, $20. Long short, $54.99. Cardigan, $29.99.
And perhaps some accessories…

Shoes and Bags for Bicycling

Clockwise, From Top Left Corner: Lady Bag, $58. T-Straps, $52.99. Coated Canvas Backpack, $58. Wingtip Skimmers, $34. Messenger Bag, $39. Oxfords, $60.

For more fashion and cycling ideas, I’ve come across a fun blog called Riding Pretty. Check it out! Because of this blog and a few others, I’m tempted to organize a Tweed Ride. Who’s with me?!

Until next time!

- Colleen

After many years of not owning a bicycle and not having the option of “borrowing” any that were left behind at my parent’s house, but wanting to ride again, I asked for a new-used bike for my birthday, which I picked out in the spring.

I went on the hunt one Saturday in May to a plethora of the local new/used bike shops around town and came up with a dented and slightly rusty, vintage, 3-speed Raleigh. After a bit of searching on the web, I found some useful advice on how to de-rust the handle bars and other metal fixtures (See below for instructions), shined her up and voila!

Maid Marian on Flee Fly Flown

Behold, “Maid Marian”! I named the bike Maid Marian since Raleigh bicycles are made in Nottingham, England near Sherwood Forest. Maybe too obvious, but I like it.

Anyway… I picked up a new helmet, basket and a few other accessories, reviewed the rules of the road, and now I’m riding around town more and more without the use of  gasoline. My goal is to ride my bike across town to work; however, last week’s start of road construction on a big chunk of the route I had mapped, threw a wrench in those plans. I’m aiming for a test run of a different route this weekend.

I have some planned improvements for my bike such as a paint job, new seat and different handle grips, but in the meantime she’s running well. Check out these basic accessories to consider if you’re thinking of jumping back in the saddle, too.

Basic Bicycle Gear on Flee Fly Flown

Top row, left to right: Trek Eco-Design Belleville Bicycle, $659.99. Bern Bike Helmut, $60. Middle Row: Brooks Handle Grips, $75. Headlamp, $29.95. Tail light, $11.99. Bell, $6. Bottom row: Design House Bicycle Basket, $80. U-Lock with Chord, $30.00. Air pump, $18.98.

Now I just need got get over wardrobe and hair challenges. More on those issues throughout the week, but in the meantime, here’s the basic run down of how to de-rust metal handle bars.

De-Rusting Metal such as bicycle handle bars:


–         White Vinegar
–         Aluminum Foil
–         Paper Towel or Rag
–         Water


  1. Wrap a piece of tin foil around your finger, or form it into a pad and dip it into the vinegar.
  2. In circular movements, wipe at the rust spots on the metal. With the other hand, hold a paper towel or rag under the area you’re working so that you don’t drip everywhere.
  3. Wipe the area with a damp cloth after you’ve finished with it.
  4. Presto change-o!

This worked like a charm on my rusty handle bars. Apparently the vinegar and aluminum foil cause a chemical reaction with the rust. I also read that steal wool can scratch up the metal, which is why I went searching for a different alternative in the first place.

Happy cycling!

- Colleen

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