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Mike and Colleen Wisniewski featured on Wisconsin Bride

Hi! It’s me? Remember me? The one who used to blog more often than not, now, sadly, I’ve sucked it up and been blogging not much at all.

Well I’m back and just wanted to share with you, in case you need a little engagement photo inspiration, our engagement photos from 2011 which are featured on Wisconsin Bride, today!

Mike and Colleen Featured on Wisconsin Bride

I’ve got a lot to catch you up on, so stay tuned – Monday’s the day – I’m excited to get back at it and share with all of you again.

Happy Friday,

- Colleen McIntyre Wisniewski of Flee Fly Flown

Still cold. Still January. I’m trying to let it go. While I try to make the most of things as we make our way through this frozen tundra and head toward spring, here’s a few links for you to meander through this weekend…

> Ballet of Bags

> Wishing I was at AltSummit! Maybe one of these days.

> Have you used or tried a Cricut? I’m intrigued by the possibilities!

> Bundle up. Winter’s not over.

> Dreaming of Anguilla.

> Loved this Ted Talk about loving “useless” art.

> Think I’ll be making Faux Pho this weekend to stay warm.

> I’m working on something new.

Stay warm and have a great weekend!

- Colleen McIntyre Wisniewski of Flee Fly Flown

Soooo…it’s the new year. I’m supposed to be refreshed and ready to go, right? In many parts of my life, I am, but it seems the thing that is getting the short end of the stick right now is the blog. Writer’s block? Who knows.

photo (6)

While I ponder this and figure out what to post next, here’s a few links and such for your Friday enjoyment:

> We can dance if we want to

> Going through Walking Dead withdrawal

> Still cold? Warm up with Mulled Beer

> Have you seen these adorable photos?

> Defying Gravity in Russia

> Mentally packing for a beach destination. Where would you go?

> Ariel Yoga. I felt like I was in Cirque du Soleil!


- Colleen McIntyre Wisniewski of Flee Fly Flown

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